About us

The concept ForevaDifferent concerns a clothing brand with an inspiring and motivating background. As the company name literally and stylistically indicates, ForevaDifferent is about embracing being different.


Delivering a motivational, inspirational and positive message is central to the corporate identity of ForevaDifferent. The mission of ForevaDifferent reads: To inspire people, through high quality garments, to embrace being different.


In the definition of a vision, you look at the world today and the opportunities in the future and describe the desired dream situation. I am an idealist with the goal of a progressive fashion concept with big ambitions. ForevaDifferent will owe its success to its high quality products and customer satisfaction, referring to a further ex- pansion of ForevaDifferent. ForevaDifferent is aware that within the fashion industry change is the only constant. This means that we must listen closely to the wishes and needs of our customers in order to be able to respond to certain trends. With high quality products, a high level of service and an ear for the customer, sustainable customer relationships will be built and high customer retention will be achieved.